Aegis Lunch & Learns

One of the goals of Aegis Industrial Finishing is to bring a greater understanding about proper surface preparation and powder application to our customer base.

Information just for you

To get the most out of our Lunch and Learns, it is helpful for us to know what you hope to get out of our time together.

Following are some topics that we will cover:

  • Basics of powder application and surface preparation

  • Design and fabrication defects

  • Coating system on mild steel

    Common problems that you might be experiencing:

    • Aggressive corrosion in marine environment

    • Reducing lead time and maintenance costs

    • Upgrading your coating system to the 21st century

    • Coating over hot dipped galvanized steel

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      Note: For professions that require professional development credits, the time spent during the Lunch and Learn may count to your requirement.