Oilfield Equipment Powder Coating

Aegis offers custom powder coating services at reasonable rates. We provide tough, long lasting, durable coatings for oil and gas related equipment. Our custom coatings protect valves, pipe, vehicle dump bodies, service bodies, frames, truck decks and other oilfield equipment that requires the weather and-or corrosion protection offered by powder coating.

Aegis handles commercial, industrial and performance application coatings with our fully equipped sandblasting and powder coating shop. Our NACE trained coating inspectors are able to provide testing and reporting for your projects as per your requirements. We carry a full range of quality assurance tools to verify our work and maintain the highest standards to ensure quality powder coating.

Powder Coating Experience

With over 40 years of experience, Aegis is the preferred powder coater for small, medium and large companies in the oil and gas sector. We understand how your components are required to perform and offer a coating system that fills that need. Our people have decades of experience in sandblasting and powder coating.

Powder coating is an art at Aegis, which starts with the cleanest surface possible. We know what it takes to make sure the substrate has the right foundation for proper powder bonding and adhesion. Aegis has gone through the evolution of coating powders over the years and knows which manufacturers have a proven track record of reliability and quality. Our experts can provide you with a range of coating powders to choose from. We want our customers to know what they are buying. We know which powders will give you the best results along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Our goal in finding the right coating powder formula is to exceed your environmental and corrosive specifications.

On Time – On Budget