Material Handling

In order to handle the pieces that Aegis was built to sandblast and powder coat, we engineered our overhead transfer beam system to handle up to 7000 lbs. With a clear vision of product flow through the plant, we use multiple load bars to process jobs as efficiently as possible.

Material handling (and product design) considerations

Do your goods have defined hang points?
When processing orders, in most cases we need at least two points from which to hang the part from our transfer beam system. Alternatively temporary hang points can be welded on and touch up paint can be ordered to repair the bare area once it is coated.
Is there anything on your part that is heat sensitive?
All products that are powder coated must be able to withstand at least 350F temperature exposure. In some cases the oven will be set as high as 450F in order to cure the coating. Please ensure that your product is free of any grease, plastic, moisture, and anything else that could melt or expand during the heating process.
Are there enclosed tubes on your part?
Any enclosed tubes would ideally have some kind of vent hole to allow expanding gasses a safe means of escape. The risk of enclosed tubes is that the gas will find a weak point in a weld and blow out the coating, leading to rework.
Are there critical areas that need to remain free of coating and/or blasting?
There are times when your product may have machined surfaces, or critical mating faces that must be kept free of powder. Other considerations are electrical grounding. We are able to use tape or other means to mask these areas to ensure they are protected from blasting and powder coating.
Can your part fit in our oven?
Our oven is 10’ x 10’ x 38’ in length. Depending on your part, we may be able to angle it to stretch the limits of our oven, but this can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.