Aegis Powder Coating Services

Aegis provides custom powder coating to customers in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver. We offer custom steel and aluminum powder coating and sandblasting at reasonable rates. We sandblast and coat steel, aluminum, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, die cast and other metals. With Aegis there are decades of experience behind every powder coating.

What sets Aegis apart from other powder coaters is our people, expertise and the right equipment in one location. Over the last four decades we have refined and streamlined our operations for peak efficiency and uncompromising quality. There are many advantages when Aegis does your powder coating.

Powder Coating Powders

One of the most difficult things in coating metal is selecting the right powder coating powder to get the results you are looking for. Different coating powders have different properties and suitable applications. In addition, there are numerous powder coating manufacturers to choose from. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with reputable suppliers and manufacturers we trust. Aegis takes the guess work out of selecting the right powder coating.

At Aegis we provide you with options. Coating powders come with disadvantages and advantages depending on the weather and environmental factors of your project. Our experts know the ins and outs of selecting the right powder coating.

Surface Preparation

Powder coating alone will not fix defects. Materials contaminated with oil and-or grease must be cleaned prior to sandblasting. We have specialized equipment that properly removes any oil or grease from metal surfaces. Sandblasting prepares the surface to ensure the proper bonding and adhesion of the powder coating.

Even when we receive material that has already been sandblasted, we always do a quick sandblasting to remove any possible contaminants accumulated during transportation.

The Art of Powder Coating