Why do we exist?

The founders of Aegis came from a long line of metal finishers. When they decided to start Aegis, they saw an opportunity to bring a level of service and quality to the marketplace that could seldom be found.

Inspire the finest way

It just so happens that the founders believed the best way to do this was through a Powder Coating company.

What We Do

To be successful at this, we work to provide you with:

Coating Systems that are Engineered Peace of Mind.

Every job that we handle is carefully considered, planned, and executed. We don't just want to know what color you want - we want to know where it is going and how long you want it to stay there.

We take pride in the role that we play in contributing to the end result.

How We Achieve Success


Invest in Excellence

We not only invest money into our operations and employees, but we also place emphasis on investing time and energy in improving our industry through membership in trade associations and written contributions to powder coating trade magazines. We take the time to find the best process equipment and quality control tools to ensure that you are getting the best service we can provide.

Think it Simple

While what we do varies in shape and size, the one constant is the need to ensure that your job is processed to the highest industry standards your job requires. One of our team members shared the story of how his father used to always say "Do it well, do it once". We like this - it makes sense, and is at the heart of how we Think it Simple. Simple is our approach to process improvement, understanding your needs as a customer, and driving our search for new and better ways of doing what we do.

Play for Others

We do not perform our work in isolation. At the end of the day there are people before us and people after us that depend on our doing the job as best we can. We recognize the work that we do has a bearing on the relationships that we have with our employees and customers alike. We are not content doing what we do simply because we get paid, but because it helps the next person who relies on the job being done right.

Care Down the Road

Along with the care for the people in the process chain, we also care about the job: - How will this job be used? - Where will it be installed? - How long is it expected to last? There are just a few of the questions that we ask - we consider ourselves to be Caringly Curious. We want to understand your business and its processes so we can seamlessly support your business in its success. That is why we pride ourselves on rapid communication, and meaningful questions that ensure that job is done right and on time.

Sound the Shield

At Aegis, we like to bang a shield when it's time to celebrate the wins! (Seriously, come for a tour and you might be invited to give it a whack yourself!) We take pride in building up a team of people that enjoy the wins not only at work but personally as well. We work well with customers who value the celebration of mutual success.