Powder Coating Services

Aegis provides full service powder coating and sandblasting to customers in Langley, Surrey and the Vancouver Lower Mainland. If you need metal sandblasted and powder coated at reasonable rates with superior quality finishes, then you should definitely consider Aegis for full service powder coating.

Aegis sandblasts and custom powder coats aluminum, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and other types of steel. Our oven is 10’ x 10’ x 38’ in length and we are able to angle parts to stretch the limits of our oven. We also have full material handling capabilities for powder coating.

Surface Preparation is Critical

Surface preparation is critical when it comes to powder coating. A clean metal surface ensures proper bonding and adhesion. At Aegis we provide metal sandblasting in our shop to eliminate potential contamination that can occur during transportation. For many of our customers in Langley we are their one stop shop for sandblasting and powder coating.

Some types of metal surfaces also need an epoxy primer prior to powder coating to ensure a smooth even surface and proper adhesion. Like powder top coat options, there are numerous types of primers to choose from. When primers are required, you can count on the experts at Aegis to recommend the right primer to meet, or exceed, your standards. Our decades of experience is why many of our Langley customers rely on us for the long lasting results they are looking for.

Coating Powders

Choosing the right type of powder coating can be confusing. There are numerous powder coatings to select from, each with their pros and cons. In addition, suppliers are introducing new powders with new properties on a constant basis. At Aegis, our coating experts literally have decades of experience in powder coating.

The weather and corrosive environmental conditions a coated part must perform in determines the types of powder coating that should be used. Color can also be a factor in coating projects. Whatever your needs may be you can count on Aegis to guide you in selecting the right powder coating.

Complete Powder Coating Solutions