Surrey Sandblasting and Powder Coating

Aegis provides powder coating services in Surrey, the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver. Based in Surrey, we offer reasonable rates on sandblasting, powder coating and other metal coating services. We sandblast and coat aluminum, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, die cast steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel and other metals. Aegis services are backed by over 40 years of extensive experience in powder coating.

Our fully equipped sandblasting and powder coating facility ensures your coating project is done right the first time. Our expertise in coatings is why metal fabricators, manufacturers and other companies depend on Aegis for reliable turnarounds on their coating projects. Consistency, attention to detail and cost effective rates are the biggest advantages with Aegis powder coating.

Powder Coating is an Art

We realize most people are not excited about powder coating. However at Aegis, powder coating is an art that continually evolves with new developments in coating powders. We are constantly researching and exploring new powders that deliver superior results and better value for our customers. Matching the right powder to the project specifications is just one advantage when Aegis is doing your powder coating.

There are literally thousands of powders available and hundreds of manufacturers. Aegis knows the advantages and disadvantages of a powder in relation to your coating project. There are 5 basic factors that determine which powder will be your best choice for powder coating:

  • The type of metalyou are coating: Aluminum, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, die cast steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, etc.
  • The weight and dimensions of the material you need coated.
  • Where the powder coated material is going to be used: Indoors, outdoors, both, underground, etc.
  • The environment the powder coated material will be subjected to: Dry, moist, humid, high pH, low pH, immersed, seaside, temperature range, etc.
  • The powder coating performance level do you need for your project: 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 15 years, etc.

Based on the 5 basic points listed above, Aegis can provide you with several coating powder options we know will meet and-or exceed the results you want, at the best price possible. You are in good hands with Aegis powder coating.

Aegis Powder Coating